Kitchen Furniture Ideas & Tips

Kitchen Furniture Ideas & Tips

Experts say that a good schedule can reduce the distance traveled by the kitchen during the two and a half times . Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully about the layout options . Understanding the concept of the work triangle and basic models of kitchen layout is a good start .

Kitchen work triangle consists of the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink . Each of these elements makes the vertices of the triangle and represent cold and warm water.

Efficient design means the minimum number of steps between the three points. To avoid unnecessary waste of your energy should be the sum of the specified page of the triangle is over 7.5 meters . Each individual distance ( page working triangle ) should be around 1.2 to 2.5 meters . Cooking runs should be a minimum of 1 to 1.5 meters that would allow free movement and access elements .

Of course , the arrangement will depend on the shape and size of the kitchen . With various changes and rearrangements always occur certain compromises. Maybe it's sometimes cheaper to change the layout of a window or door to form an arrangement of elements , rather than trying to save space in the kitchen ungrateful shape. Certainly it is necessary to look to the future and strive for the highest possible efficiency with respect to aesthetic requirements.

As far as the schedule , here are a few of the large number of forms that need to be considered:

 -shape of the letter I, along the wall

The most basic form , perfect for long and narrow kitchen . Sometimes the only possible choice . I do not respect the work triangle , but it is easy and not expensive . It should sink between the refrigerator and stove. Make sure that the refrigerator door is open to the side away from the sink .

dual - form of the letter I

Probably the most common form of cuisine. It is highly functional because of the possibility of forming a classic work triangle. They call it even and hodničkim style cuisine. It should be a fridge and sink are located across from the stove.

-shape of the letter L , along two adjacent walls normal to each other

It consists of long and short sides and can be used in small and large kitchens. Usually the refrigerator is on one page , double on the other , a sink in between. There is something more pages work triangle , especially those from the refrigerator to the stove , but provides a good flow . Sam angular space is hardly accessible for cooking, and is used to hold the mixer , chopper and similar small items.

dual - form of the letter L , placed opposite each other , the large kitchen

This arrangement has plenty of cabinets and work surfaces. Allows two so-called workstations . Under the "L " usually includes gas and that all activities are concentrated cooking , and food preparation and rest goes to the larger "L".

Omitting the stove larger "L " is getting a lot more work surface.

 -shape of the letter U, the three parties

The shape of the kitchen uses three rather than two walls . The sink is usually located in the middle part . Fridge and stove are on the sides , opposite one another . The advantage of this kitchen is the possibility of forming a good working triangle , which allows efficient utilization . Mana can be two corner spaces that are fairly inaccessible .

There are many other types of cuisine , but for this we can say that the basic .

If you understand the concept of the work triangle and you know what you want from your kitchen , you increase your chances to get a desired kitchen. Planning your kitchen can be a challenge , but what brings you high-quality schedules is worth the effort and time .