Bedroom furniture typically includes a range of essential pieces designed to furnish a bedroom and create a comfortable and functional space for sleeping and relaxation. The specific pieces of bedroom furniture can vary depending on individual needs and the size of the bedroom, but here are some common items you might find in a bedroom:

1. Bed: The central and most important piece of bedroom furniture, the bed comes in various sizes (e.g., twin, full, queen, king) and styles (e.g., platform, canopy, sleigh). It provides a comfortable place to sleep.

2. Mattress: A mattress is placed on top of the bed frame to provide support and comfort while sleeping. Mattresses come in different types (e.g., innerspring, memory foam, latex) and firmness levels.

3. Nightstands: Nightstands are small tables or cabinets placed on either side of the bed. They provide surface space for items like lamps, alarm clocks, and personal belongings.

4. Dresser: A dresser is a piece of furniture with drawers used for storing clothing, accessories, and personal items. It's often paired with a mirror, which can be attached or placed on top.

5. Wardrobe or Armoire: These are larger storage units used for hanging clothes and storing bulkier items like coats and suits. Wardrobes may also have drawers and shelves.

6. Chest of Drawers: Similar to a dresser, a chest of drawers is a vertical piece of furniture with multiple drawers for storing clothing or other items.

7. Vanity: A vanity is a table or desk equipped with a mirror and often used for applying makeup and grooming. It may have drawers or shelves for storage.

8. Bedside Lamps: Lamps placed on nightstands or wall-mounted sconces provide lighting for reading or other activities in the bedroom.

9. Bedside Tables: These small tables can be used to hold books, beverages, or other items you want to keep within reach while in bed.

10. Bed Linens: Bed linens include items like sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and comforters. They add comfort and style to the bed.

11. Bedroom Chairs or Seating: Depending on the size of the bedroom, you may choose to include a chair, a small sofa, or a seating area for reading or relaxation.

12. Storage Solutions: Additional storage solutions such as under-bed storage drawers, storage benches, or wall-mounted shelves can help keep the bedroom organized.

13. Decorative Accessories: Decorative items like artwork, rugs, curtains, and throw pillows can add a personal touch and enhance the overall aesthetics of the bedroom.

When selecting bedroom furniture, it's important to consider your personal style, available space, and storage needs. Additionally, the quality of the furniture and your budget will also play a significant role in your choices.